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One of the world’s oldest known crafts that could only be passed down from master to apprentice. The Egyptians and Chinese were creating wooden furniture and materials. Woodworkers have always an important part of society and one highly cherished. Woodworking brings together time, nature, and man in collaboration to transform imperfection into beauty. This is the captivating world of a Woodturner.

The Collection

Our Artist captures the natural beauty of wood and presents them to you in a finished wooden creation that displays the wood’s unique grain and natural shades. Every creation is one of a kind, like snowflakes every tree is different.

The Artist

Anyone who is familiar with woodturner has an enormous respect for the craft. This lengthy process can only be achieved by one that has a love for giving a tree a second life. Woodturners have a great appreciation of nature and a willingness to work in concert to create something new. Learning more about Nathan Favors you can see why he became a woodturner.

Born in Philadelphia and raised on Maryland’s eastern shore, Nathan Favors spent much of his life running his own landscaping and tree removal business with the help of his six sons. Through the years Nathan was exposed to a large variety of tree species and gained a huge amount of respect to nature and all its beauty. This also instilled in his mind a desire to find a way to preserve this beauty, not just destroy it.

In 2000, Nathan came across the opportunity to visit a woodturners’ exhibit. After witnessing this ancient art form, he saw how this was a way to see his dream of transforming trees that he had grown to love into works of art that he could share with the world.

From there, Nathan embarked on a journey to master this ancient craft. Through observing methods of lathe work and through trial and error, Nathan taught himself the craft and hasn’t looked back since.

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